Tour Tracker™ is professional cycling’s premier online and mobile race coverage platform. Fans of the Tour de France, Tour of California, USA Pro Cycling Challenge in Colorado, Tour of Utah and other international races have all enjoyed the rich user experience of this innovative technology. Tour Tracker provides critical information about your race before (course previews, team rosters, sponsor highlights), during (video, text commentary, GPS tracking, photos, biometrics) and after (results, standings, summaries) each day. Whether viewed online, on a mobile device or on broadcast television, cycling fans love Tour Tracker.

The Tour Tracker platform is the product of six years and more than 50,000 hours of development and testing by a true world-class engineering team. It has been tailored to the specific needs and branding of more than 20 major events and successfully used by more than 1.5 million viewers. Tour Tracker is the only proven multi-screen coverage solution for professional cycling, and it has a loyal following among fans, the cycling press and other industry leaders.

For the event organizer, the Tour Tracker provides turn-key affordable coverage of your race and a compelling platform for spotlighting sponsors and displaying high-value advertising. Alternatively, the event may choose to offer its broadcasters with a branded Tour Tracker™for each market, creating a new profit stream. As seen below, Tour Tracker can also play a valuable part in your television broadcast as well, providing data and graphics.


For online video rights-holders, the Tour Tracker provides a rich viewing experience that can be styled to match your company’s look. It provides a easy-to-use platform for pay-per-view and/or advertising monetization of your valuable rights.

For broadcasters, the Tour Tracker provides real-time overlays for your television broadcast. This allows live visualizations of rider groups, time gaps, GPS positioning, distance, estimated arrival times and more. The overlays can be styled to match your look to better blend with your production.

For online media companies without video rights, the Tour Tracker still provides a compelling experience for your viewers. The reality is that many races don’t have live video available and many viewers can’t watch video at work anyway. The Tour Tracker® can give you an advantage over other websites, bringing eyeballs to your pages.

Most importantly, for the race fan, the Tour Tracker provides a rich experience combining live video, real-time tracking of the race on course maps and profiles, live text commentary, current race situation, photo feeds, chat rooms, race standings and results, stage overviews and more.

Features & Customization

Tour Tracker can be deployed on very short notice as an off-the-shelf solution for your event. Or, if you have requirements that are above and beyond Tour Trackers standard feature set, our development team can customize the Tour Tracker platform for you.

It is important to note the rich set of features and options outlined below have been field tested on some of the highest profile events in the world. Our engineering team is by far the most seasoned in the field – this is critically important as you don’t want your live event to be the testing ground for new code or green engineering teams.

Standard features:

Live Video – The centerpiece of most events, the Tour Tracker is the only technology that supports multiple live video streams, multiple cameras, a rich set of zoom options, picture-in-picture, and automatic bandwidth selection.

Video Advertising – Event promoters are able to display sponsor and self-promotion videos before and during the live video broadcast on Tour Tracker. This provides sponsors incredible new reach and impression opportunities while giving event promoters a suite of new, high-value services to offer to sponsors and advertisers.

Commentary – After video, text commentary from the media is the main request. Tour Tracker is the only technology that supports all major commentary providers and also provides an internal solution for events that want to provide their own play-by-play. It also supports Twitter and RSS feeds for added flexibility.

Maps & Profiles – You might say that GPS data is what put Tour Tracker on the map, and its support for visualizing the race situation on maps and course profiles is unmatched. For races that don’t have real GPS tracking, it fully supports manual updates (distances, time gaps) that then generate simulated GPS data for viewers.

Race Situation – Tour Tracker offers multiple text-based presentations of the current race situation: a list of any break or chase groups, the riders in each group, their current overall standing, the time gaps between each group, etc.

Photo Feeds – Tour Tracker supports a number of photo feeds, providing both official race coverage and/or photos provided by fans along the route in real-time.

Video Feeds – Like with photos, the Tour Tracker can bring video clips right to the viewer as they are added to the system by the event and/or fans.

Chat – It might seem simple, but the option to have the fans chatting during the race has proven to be a huge win. In particular it serves as the start of a social networking effect that draws increasing number of viewers to the Tour Tracker each year.

Twitter – Tour Tracker incorporates Twitter in two ways. One, the Twitter page serves as a general overview of what cycling “Twitterati” are saying. The fans love it! Two, it can be configured to provide real-time race commentary via  Twitter feed.

Rider Biometrics – Starting with the 2009 Tour de France, the Tour Tracker became the only technology capable of showing live power (watts), heart-rate and cadence data from riders on the road. This provides a captivating picture of how much the riders are suffering and allows the enthusiast cycling fan to relate their own efforts to the world’s top pros.

Standings & Results – In addition to the live feeds listed above, the Tour Tracker can present race results and race standings for all riders, teams and stages and special event categories such as most aggressive rider, king of the mountain, young rider and sprinters’ points contests.

Stage Overviews – Tour Tracker is also the only technology that can provide your viewers previews and reviews of every day of the race. For completed stages that includes the full commentary, video playback, GPS playback of how the race unfolded, results and photos from the day. For stages yet to come, Tour Tracker provides detailed descriptions of the stage and previews of the map and profile.

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