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Thanks for checking out the Tour Track app for the 2014 Volkswagen USA Cycling Professional Road & Time Trial National Championships. While the road race course will again take riders through downtown and over Lookout Mountain, a new segment in North Chattanooga dubbed “the wall” will add to the challenge of the best American men and women in their quest for a Stars-and-Stripes jersey. We’re excited to have you check out all of the spectacular features we have on the app. This app will allow to follow all of the action from the streets of Chattanooga to your mobile device. The application will include a live video stream from the road race. The primary live view will update viewers on the race situation, with position and time gaps between the breakaway, chase and peloton. This also will offer a GPS map and profile of the course and a text play by play. Additionally, the consumer can see photos and videos from the day’s events as well as general classification and King/Queen of the Mountain standings.

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