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Once again Tour Tracker brings you top shelf coverage of one of the most important stage races on the American cycling calendar – the USA Pro Challenge. This multi-stage event has rekindled the long-held passions for professional bike racing in the U.S. and this year will be the most exciting edition of the event yet.

16 world-class teams will compete over seven stages that will take the riders across nearly 600 miles of epic terrain. Included amongst the competitors will be the Tour de France dominating team of Sky Procycling, BMC Racing Team, Team Garmin-Sharp and UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling. This year’s race begins in the legendary ski destination of Aspen, Colorado, and winds across the Rockies to what will certainly be a thrilling circuit finish in the state capital of Denver.

This year you can enjoy the race wherever you might be though live video, text commentary, rider tracking and more thanks to Tour Tracker’s award winning coverage. Don’t miss a second of the action!

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